Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Beachmere Palms Motel Pool

Basic motel, in a nice beach town of 'Beachmere' though. But I'm here late and the wind and rain wouldn't let me go to the beach even if there was still light. And everything seems closed, even the motel doesn't have staff around, just a note for me to enter the room :-)

However, my motel does have a small pool. It is late Australian autumn, so it doesn't look like anyone's been in the pool in weeks or longer. Oh well, have to try it anyway :-)

Not bad. Back to the room and packing so that I can fly back home. I have to leave early, 6am to get to my flights from Brisbane. Beachmere is 45 minutes north of the airport.

Here's the link to the hotel. I can recommend it. Affordable, clean, next to the beach, though not luxury by any means. 

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