Monday, April 1, 2024

Mt. Etna Caves National Park

Mt. Etna Caves National Park is a limestone outcrop from ancient coral reefs. It has been named after the volcano in Sicily, of course... (vuriously though, why does there have to be an "old continent" equivalent for everything?). There's caves and bats, e.g., the little bent-wing bats and ghost bats. 

There's a cave, although you can't enter it too far as there's a locked gate. The cave is just behind the park building in the Camoo picnic area, in coordinates S 23.163446 E 150.466484. This cave had probably hundreds of butterflies. 

Actually there are many caves but I could find one in the limited time I had. From the Queensland page (link below) you can see that there's actually two locations, and to enter a bigger cave one has to be not in Camoo but in the Mount Etna Bat Cleft. Follow the Rossmoya Road to get there.

For more information, see the park page, wikipedia, and Queensland page.


An exit of the only cave I found:

More of the butterflies:

Romantic butterfly picture!

More information about other caves I visited in the area can be found from these articles:

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