Thursday, November 23, 2023

Night at the batcave headquarters

What a wonderful experience, pre-Xmas party with my caver friends, in a Lava (angled shelter by the fire) and Palju (a barrel of hot water). What could be better? Oh yeah, we had also interesting talks about explorations in Norway, Turku, and ... also our own K√§sivarsi exploration in the summer.

If you're interested in these experiences, join the caving club here.

But back to the Laavu. It is the bat cave headquarters. Or.. wait is this the Darth Vader helmet?

I see it at least as such. But that as it may, we needed to grill some sausages and the Dark Helmet is perfect for that :-)

And there was a Palju, the hot water barrel. You fill it with cold water and then heat with fire underneath. Wonderful experience in the minus degrees, darkness, and the Laavu lights.

But the truly amazing thing of course was that my managed to not break down on the way here (4 hours) or back (6 hours, via skiing)!

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