Friday, January 31, 2020

Vela Spila, Korčula

It feels like I'm destined to find closed caves during the winter period. This time I wanted to visit the Vela Spila cave, an archaeologic cave site near Vela Luka, on the island of Korčula in the Croatian archipelago. But, it was closed. Figures.

But I did get to see most of the cave through the gate, and hiked also to the top to view the cave from the large roof holes. It is an interesting place -- on the hills above Vela Luka, with great views and big enough cave to easily support ancient groups of cave dwellers. With the top holes, it would also have been easy to keep a fire going in the cave.

The digs are continuing on the site, and despite being 10 meters down, they have not yet reached the rock at bottom or run out of signs of human inhabitation. It is exciting to see what they will find as the digging continues.

It was also very nice to visit the Korčula island, with its ancient and picturesque towns:

Sunset from the cave:

Cave gate:

The inner area, photographed through the gate:

The inner area, from the top openings:

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