Friday, January 31, 2020

Ariston Hotell sauna. Or is there one?

I always book different hotels on my trips to Sweden, to try out different areas for fun, but also to test drive different saunas. This time I booked the Ariston Hotell in Lidingö, a nice island community near Stockholm. With ski a ski hill... no snow during this bad winter though.

The hotel promised a sauna on their page, although it turned out that it is actually a sauna in the next-door gym, and it costs a small fee (50 SEK, or about 5€) to use it.

No sauna or ski hill can be entirely bad, though this one wasn't great, but it was ok. I mean it is actually great that there's a full-blown gym facility next to the hotel, literally 1 meter away. But about the sauna itself: For some reason there was a slight draft next to the walls when you're sitting in the sauna, which you could feel in your back. Otherwise the sauna was hot enough.

Overall conclusion: this is one of the cheapest hotels in the Stockholm area, I think I paid less than 60€ per night, and for this price what you get is actually very good value.The breakfast is great, for instance. But the sauna isn't one of the best ones that I've been to.

Oddly, the hotel seems to advertise Pommac:

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