Friday, January 31, 2020

Forest Powder in Kopaonik, Serbia

Kopaonik is the premier ski resort in Serbia. And I got the premier weather arriving there, in heavy snowfall.

I had fun cruising the powdery closed runs and thick forests.

My only regret is not visiting Kosovo on the same trip...

There was also an abandoned ski lodge at the top of the mountain:

To get to Kopaonik, one has to drive. It was fun watching the various cars in the heavy snowfall. My car was a brand new Mercedes (even if I had reserved the smallest possible car, thanks, Sixt!) but its sensors kept going crazy. It was not too difficult to see why, the outside of the car was cover in literally an inch of ice.

Here's a fun mini:

And of course, car adventures are not complete without having to observe the antics of Tesla drivers. How's this for parking style?

But I really loved the trees:

I also checked the Goulash index, by checking the price of soup at the ski area. 300 local or about 2.9€. Cheap! The soup was also good.

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