Friday, July 19, 2019

The Black Sauna at the Finnair Platinum Lounge

I am heading to the IAB workshop & IETF but not before trying the new black sauna at the Finnair lounge with Ari.

Not bad! The painted wood seemed a bti strange at first, but it actually feels good. And the cooling room next to the sauna is spectacular! There's a sky window, artificial, I think... maybe. Looks like the real thing, actually, but it cannot be inside the airport. Very well done!

The only complaint of the new Finnair Platinum lounge is that to get my usual Pepsi Max or other soft drink I have to go to the bar and ask for one, instead of just grabbing one from the fridge. If you're in a BIG hurry to get to the sauna AND your flight, every second counts :-)

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