Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Hospital in the Rock

A vacation isn't a vacation unless one can visit another nuclear bunker!

I had an opportunity to peek inside Budapest's Hospital in the Rock, a set of natural caves turned into cellars turned into a connected network of tunnels turned into an underground shelter for World War II turned into a hospital, turned into a secret nuclear bunker for cold war, turned back into a hospital for the uprising against Soviet Union rule, and now turned into a tourist attraction.

An interesting historical visit! What's at the same time interesting and disturbing is that the place is filled with wax models of patients and doctors, sometimes with lifelike (or should I say deathlike?) details of the wounded.

Taking photographs inside is forbidden. Fortunately I was able to to find some inside pictures from other sources, presented here for your viewing pleasure.

Generator lights in the still operational electrical system:

In the 1968 uprising against Soviet Union, the hospital was again needed:



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