Saturday, July 13, 2019

Hunting for the Sarfvik Secrets

I went on a long bike trip today with Jarmo, to explore the Sarfvik area in Kirkkonummi. This large area of farms, forests and seafront is blocked for public road access by the local residents. Why? Fortunately, you can still explore the area on foot, although the walks are long. But in the summer biking is an option.

We wanted to find a bunker on the southern seashore. Finding it proved difficult, however, but after an hour of criss-crossing the thick forest near the indicated coordinates we finally found the 2-meter wide gunport hole. And then it was easier to find the other entrances, even if they were smaller.

What was wonderful was that as a hard-to-reach area and difficult-to-find-bunker, not many people have visited the bunker. The stalactites growing in the bunker get to do so undisturbed. There was a great example of flowstone and stalactite on a piece of metal that had bent from the bunker's roof when the Russians detonated the bunker as they left Porkkala. What a find!

The bunker is roughly at these coordinates: N 60.12 E 24.605 -- I'm not giving exact coordinates to not make it a popular destination; you'll have to work to find it just as we did).

We also found a small cave under a boulder in coordinates N 60.13812 E 24.58308 and the remains of either a gun station or a container of some kind in coordinates N 60.13255 E 24.59590.


More photos from Jarmo and myself below. Here's the bunker:

More about the stalactites:

Biking and hiking:


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