Friday, April 19, 2019

Three passports

Today I renewed my primary passport. With the recently renewed secondary passport, and the just expired one, there's now a stack of three passports in front of me! The expired has served well though, and will be decommissioned properly.

I have to say the behaviour of the police passport office was odd. Last year when I applied for a renewal of my secondary passport with a ton of supporting documenting, they called me back, saying that now that I have it, I don't have to provide any evidence when I renew my other, primary passport. Yet, of course I had to provide the same explanations again and visit the office. But, in the end the passport was given to me in two days after visiting the office. So not too bad. And the Finnish passports are very good for travelling around the world. I only wish they would be valid for longer, like they used to be (10 years).

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