Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Skiareál Klínovec

While I've already skied in Czech Republic, I wanted to see if I could briefly visit a nearby ski area after my monster 8-day meeting was over. And I found Skiareál Klínovec!

This is a medium-sized ski area, that was running well on the last days of March, plenty of snow left. The ski area is right on the German-Czech border, and there's actually a German-side ski area as well, even if the actual ski slopes do not cross the border. The ski area is easy to get to from Prague, just 1.5 hour drive away. I had fun skiing in the sun, and using the yellow-bubble-covered chair lifts.

You can park either at the bottom (on multiple sides) or at the top. Ticket sales exist only at the bottom lifts, and there's more restaurants and other services at the bottom stations.

The ski runs are in general relatively easy, but the longest run, slope nr 1, Jáchymovská, is the most interesting as it winds around the forest, dropping steeply into the valley from the top of the Klínovec (see map).


More lift pictures:


The tower at the top of the mountain. Sadly, these old buildings are roped off and not used. Perhaps in danger of collapsing? There's only very simple cottage for a restaurant at the top.

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