Friday, April 19, 2019

Levi Hotel Spa

After the Ylläs competition, I first had a quick shower and sauna at the Pöllö next to the slopes. But since I had a long wait for my flight, I wanted to visit a proper spa. I had not been in the Levi Hotel Spa near the airport in a long time, so time for that today!

It turned out that the Levi Hotel Spa had been extended greatly in the meantime. It was a truly great place now, with outdoor pool, 2 outdoor hot jacuzzis, two new saunas -- steam and kelo -- and plenty of new pools and even a waterslide inside. Much recommended!

The visit to the spa is free for hotel guests, but if you're not a guest -- like me, sleeping in my car on this trip :-) -- it costs 22€ per visit. But there was a Plussakortti-tarjous for 15€, which was quite reasonable for this kind of a spa.

Photo by Levi Hotel Spa. Text (c) 2019 by Jari Arkko. All rights reserved. And all my sauna and swimming stories can of course be found from and web sites!

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