Sunday, April 28, 2019

Leppävaara fortifications

Jarmo and I visited the Leppävaara area fortifications, inspired by Tony Hagerlund's excellent blogs about them. There's plenty of trenches and also bunkers! These are World War I era fortifications built in a circle around Helsinki. We also found a small natural cave under a boulder!

This was also my first biking of the year, in +20 degree sunshine and wearing shorts. Felt good.

We visited bunkers in three areas:

Laturinkallio (between Vallikallio and Galleria, the old Leppävaara shopping mall):

  • Large concrete block covering surprisingly (at least visibly) only one small room in coordinates N 60.22414 E 24.81602.

We also found a small cave under a boulder here in in coordinates N 60.22382 E 24.816466. There's enough space for a man to be under the boulder, but we didn't have the equipment to draw a map of it.

  • A second tunnel-like bunker, but with a slightly open door in coordinates N 60.22555 E 24.81839. There was an entrance room and a big storage room after it. Worth visiting, in rubber boots.

Nupukivenkallio, the hill south of the Leppävaara Urheilupuisto, between the school and fire station:
  • Gun station 1 in coordinates N 60.22261 E 24.80645. One photo at the top of this post and another here:

Warning: As always, be very careful visiting these places. There are 10 meter cliffs, dangerous objects in the floors, slippery rock, and the danger of collapses. On one of the bunkers in Vallikallio I stepped on a large boulder that started moving. It was scary.

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