Sunday, August 5, 2018

Skiing San Marino... on the rocks


San Marino!

It is the 58th country.

Although I can't say there was snow... but rocks on the path from the top of Monte Titano will do. I started from Cesta, the castle at the highest point on Monte Titano at 756 meters, and the rock-floored path down provides a surprisingly good sliding for my plastic "mini skis" by Orthex, the proud sponsor of my blog.

I had never been to San Marino before, and it was an amazing experience also in other ways. The festival to celebrate the victory over fascists was held on the weekend that we visited. There were shows, people dressed in historical clothing, etc. And just the drive up to this tiny nation's mountain peak was a thrill. And the walks on the mountain between the castles were wonderful, night and day. Much recommended.

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