Monday, December 4, 2017

Swimming in the Atlantis

I swam in the Atlantis, I had to!

Atlantis, the Reno casino hotel. Actually, I had to find a place to shower and get a sauna, as I had skied in two different Lake Tahoe ski areas, driven a lot of miles in the car, and on my way to the airport. I no longer had my own hotel, so was looking forward to visiting some place.

The price was steep though, 70 USD for a swim & sauna & shower!

For that money, you get to swim in the indoor pool (not so special), in the very nice outdoor jacuzzi (very nice, given the cold air!), and visit two different saunas.

Felt fresh afterwards.

Photos (c) 2017 by Jari Arkko. All rights reserved.

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