Monday, April 10, 2017


Welcome to the US, the land of lawyers and liability wavers! I had to sign a long liability waiver for just getting the ski pass for the day. Not seen that for mere tickets, though it is of course standard for hiring guides and the like.

I am at Granite Peak, collecting my 22nd US state, Wisconsin. And having a nice, sunny ski day! I was in Chicago in a meeting for week and a half, and used my one free day to do this.

Granite Peak extends for over a mile across a long ridge, with chair lifts placed at strategic points so that it is easy to get back up after any run. Traversing from one end to another takes some time, but not too long, and the lodge area is in the middle so getting there is easy.

Most of the terrain is rather mild, good for beginners and intermediates. There's a couple of mogul runs though. But what I liked best was the area at the top of the Blitzen chair. Here you find a couple of very short (just 10 meters or so high) double blacks that are steep and interesting. I personally liked Caroline's Couloir best, almost vertical for a few meters at the beginning. I also liked the long run, Western Frontier a lot, at the far skier's left.

The lifts also run in the evenings, the area is open from 9 to 9 in the season. Would have been nice to be hear in the night! Lift tickets for a full day are surprisingly expensive though, 100$ for a full day when not booking in advance.


Caroline's couloir:

T-shirt weather:

Ski runs:

Not imposing, at all:

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