Saturday, February 3, 2024

Väsjöbacken: night skiing in northern Stockholm

The nice work trip turned even nicer with an evening visit to the Vasjöbacken, local ski hill somewhere between Kista and Arlanda. Not bad at all!

Väsjöbacken is a super active training place for kids wanting to be racers. Nice, reminds of my home town ski hill in this sense. But it is also not a bad ski hill in other ways, it is big enough to have slopes going in multiple directions, the slopes are long enough to get some rhythm in.

And the views! While I was there in the night, the lake next door was wonderful in the clear weather. 

On site there's a nice cafeteria. Bathrooms are in a separate building at the bottom of the slopes. 

To get to the slopes one has to park quite far (0.5 - 1km away) and walk. Next to the slope there is only official vehicles and a turning place where you can drop people but not park.

The official home page of the slopes is here.

See also my other article about the hotel I stayed in, to get to Väsjöbacken I needed a car, and ... well read the article :-) And there's also yet another article on how I managed with my skis in the Bromma airport...





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