Saturday, February 3, 2024

Siltamäki suburb swimming hall

I realized there's more swimming pools in the Helsinki area that I have not visited. Today I visited the Siltamäki swimming pool. a small sports facility in the suburb of Siltamäki in Helsinki. My expectations were not high, and the pool being four lanes, 17m long, and only 80cm deep for half it... it wasn't a super good place for laps in the pool. But, it was a nice visit to a new place! And the sauna was just perfect temperature and design.

All in all, a good place to do a quick visit to the saunas and showers, and some dip in the water. Difficult for longer swimming attempts.

The place is altogether small, but you will also not find crowds.

The Siltamäki facilities are run by Urheiluhallit, a commercial provider that serves the city. The official page for the facilities is here. There's also a wikipedia article, a newspaper article from their 50th anniversary in 2023, and a blog article on how the pool can be booked for children's birthday parties or maybe even a bachelor party :-) 

And in 2020 there was a chemical accident in the facility (no on hurt, fortunately, no word on whether this was a regular accident or due to a bachelor party...)

Surrounded by services (pubs etc):

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