Saturday, February 3, 2024

Bromma lounge

I travel less than I used to. Good for me, good for the environment. However, sometimes I get to travel, and it is to see new places, go skiing, or work with your colleagues. After a long pause I visited Sweden for work, and on return flew through my local airport, Bromma.

The airport has been renewed recently, so now there's a lounge inside the secure area, the BRA VIP Lounge. I was there close to the closing time, and actually it was kind of an off day for the airport since most flights to southern Sweden were cancelled due to high winds. But Finland was still OK :-)

The lounge is small, but has some sandwiches, juice, coffee, has bathrooms and WiFi. They could have more power plugs though. Only few of the tables had them, and not the ones where it was comfortable to sit :-)

On the way in I had plenty of luggage (due to the skiing adventure during one of my evenings). And the checkin was not open yet. I ended up sitting in the empty airport, in the empty restaurant, enjoying a meal of Swedish meatballs :-) Fortunately I had a my friend, the Skibag with me sitting in the table. The conversations we had!

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