Sunday, January 22, 2023

Rain, darkness, and wind: GREAT Zakopane ski experience!

Their official name is Koziniec-Ski Sp. z o.o. Czarna Góra - Stacja Narciarska, but I have no idea what any of that means. But they appeared with their lights and ski lifts on from the wet darkness of miserable drive through rain and sleet as we were nearing Zakopane on our return trip from Slovakia. And I needed to ski properly in Poland. In 2011 I was on a through trip and managed to hike up a closed ski hill. Nice, but now I when had an opportunity to ski on an actual open and lit ski slope, I needed to take it!

No matter that it was raining cats and dogs. I also didn't see anyone else, and why would there be anyone else, given the weather? But I took my waterproof jacket and run to knock on the windows of the office building. No, they were not closed yet but had been thinking of closing. But as I explained my mission of skiing in different places, and needing to collect an open ski resort in Poland, they laughed very hard and sold me a ticket -- for the price the card, not even paying anything for the skiing. So I took the lift and skied a wonderful run (see below) in the rain. And felt much better, having gotten another day of skiing in :-)

Koziniec Ski is at N 49.367235 E 20.132299. Much recommended! 

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