Sunday, January 8, 2023

Chopin's Fantazja Executive Lounge


After our original flight was cancelled, I ended up leaving Kraków by taking LOT to Warsaw, and then onto a Finnair evening flight. Sorting out the situation was a hassle, but in the end we got home.

(The hassle: The delay was 11 hours. But I also needed to spend three hours on the phone trying to sort out our travel. And a few more to try to check in to replacement flights, which didn't succeed at first  And in the end we were split to different flights -- even after we had been confirmed to be together on flights we wanted. One end of Finnair has no clue what the other end is doing, overriding changes that were already made. I'm usually very appreciative of Finnair, but ... the experience today was dreadful. Cancellations can happen. But it was too difficult to sort out the situation afterwards. Of course, this is obviously still first world problems. It needs to be said that we got home, safely, and during the same day. Kudos for that.)

I also got to try out the Fantazja lounge at Warsaw's Chopin airport. It was very, very good. Dark rooms with almost lie-flat seats for resting... green plants and modern white interior mix.

And sausages:

Leaving Kraków (see also the opening picture):

Landing in Warsaw:

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