Sunday, January 8, 2023

Krakow Business Lounge

When returning from our trip to the Polish mountain regions, we flew out of Kraków's airport. We ended up waiting in the Business Lounge. It turned out that the wait was actually quite long. Our plane circled near the airport for 90 minutes, waiting for the fog to to dissipate.

In the end the fog did not dissipate early enough, the plane went to an alternate airport, and headed back without any of the passengers. Six other planes due to arrive that day had a similar issue. More on what happened for us in my other blog article.

However, back to the lounge! How was it? We entered through the main departure level, so it was easy to get to. And it was a clean lounge with plenty of space, power ports, and some drinks and snacks. Nothing spectacular, but a welcome resting place.

But the whole arrangement felt still a bit odd. There was a small set of amenities (just few drinks) on the upper level, but very little seating (close to the staff). Stairs took you to another level downstairs, with plenty of more space. 

And there was one counter for again some amenities, yet in hidden in another corner  was the main counter for snacks and drinks. Had we not bothered to scout out the entire place, we might not have even found the main counter. 

Is this a lounge space that was originally designed for multiple lounges, now only used by one? Or is this simply a question of offering some close by drinks for everyone, while the main offering is in one place? I don't know. Maybe some signage would have helped.

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