Tuesday, April 19, 2022

New airport check-in at HEL!

I've travelled a few times since the opening of the new Helsinki-Vantaa terminal, the expansion of T2 which is the main terminal. However, until now the actual check-in and security still used the old facilities. But now in May they had actually opened the full services in the new expansion. Quite exciting, and difficult to figure out where to go. What a wonderful new security they have, with NO NEED TO TAKE LIQUIDS OR COMPUTERS OUT!!!

The frequent flier desks are straight forward from the entrance doors, walking past the other check-in desks on the left and right sides. Once you've done check-in, you need to walk to the right and immediately back in the priority security on the left. 

The most interesting part of this is that their new equipment can handle everything -- computers and liquids included -- without having to take anything out of your bags. Nice! Read more about this technology here.

Finnair priority check-in:

Morning views at HEL:

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