Sunday, January 16, 2022

Kollinluola - cave of the tomcat


Just before the caver's pre-xmas party,  I visited 'Kollinluola' - the cave of the tomcat. Or, the cave of Juho Korkiakoski who was also called Kolli.  It is a small cave under rocks.

It is also near Pirunpesä -- the nest of the devil. This is a massive pre-glacial erosion hole, 23 meters deep. It is a tourist attraction and accessible for a small fee.

But back to Kollinluola. Its coordinates are N 62.39841 E 22.89158. I also took a 3D model (see here) and drew automatically a map:

The map is also available in high-res as a PDF file. Of course, there's a lot of uncertainty in the actual sensor workings or the software used for this automatic generation; some fixes were manually applied to the above map, but many probably remain.

More information and pictures:

Here at warnings and structures at the nest of the devil:

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