Monday, January 17, 2022

Caver's meetup in -17 degrees


Caver’s meetup, warm even if -17 and interesting short films at Kino Jalasjärvi. And my Volvo made it 350 km away, furthest it has been! But will it last the way back? The summer’s trip reliability was 85% - what we call in the industry with the technical term “almost one nine reliability”. So the odds are pretty good!

I held a presentation on how to generate cave maps from 3D models. The presentation is here.

Our hosts had built an amazing lean-to (laavu) and it was a lot of fun having a big fire there, grilling sausages and chatting. See at the top and below!

I also managed to visit in Kollinluola, and make a scan/map of it. See here.


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