Saturday, August 7, 2021

Tischofer Höhle


Such a nice hike. If it weren't for the missing piece of the path, at least. But I finally made it to the Tischofer Höhle, a cave in Kaisertal, near Kufstein, Austria. What a wonderful cave, easy to visit if one picks the right path to get there. And despite being only 40 meters long it is a large cavern, with a large opening and large hall inside.

Just before getting to the Tischofer Höhle there's a smaller cave by the path, the Hyänen Höhle. The main cave is at N 47.592244 E 12.196216. The side cave is roughly at N 47.592265 E 12.196508. There's an easy parking lot to park your car in, by the start of the Kaisertalweg hiking path. The parking lot is at N 47.594106 E 12.187701.

I also recorded 3D models of the caves, rotate them on your screen here or here. Or download the models from here or here.

Main cave:

Side cave:

Hike to get to the caves:

This fallen-down path led to a bridge that I needed to cross this:

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