Sunday, August 8, 2021

This is better skiing than last week


Last week I skied on my own yard, with snow carried in cardboard boxes. This week I'm skiing in Austria's glaciers. Not too shitty, as we say in Finland!

Weather varied from bright sunshine to impenetrable soup. Snow conditions ranged from a mixture of ice, water and small rocks to, well, fresh soft snow :-) Again, not too shitty!

Hintertux is Austria's only ski resort that is open year around. I think I've been here now for 6 or 7 years in a row. It is easy to get to from Finland, and reasonably priced. Especially when compared to the alternative, Zermatt :-)

Corona practices: Finnish citizens with two vaccinations can enter Germany and Austria with no extra requirements. In addition, while there is some amount of "I ignore the mask rules" -people around, the processes everywhere were pretty strict and sensible. Masks were required in ski lifts. Ski area restaurant required registration for contact tracing and either recent test or double vaccination. And then you get stamped when you show your papers! Same requirements were also applied at the hotels. Some shops had started to require FFP2 masks for entering.

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