Sunday, August 1, 2021

Desperately seeking Sus... beach without blue-green algae


Lauttasaari, such a nice place. They even have a backup beach on the other side if the one beach is covered by slimy algae!

First, I visited the Veijarivuoren uimaranta, a beach in Lauttasaari. Way too much algae. As I was returning to the car, I realised however that there was another possible beach on a different, more westernly direction. Perhaps it would not have algae? Checking... it turned out that this beach was kind of a small boat harbour and not an official beach, but with an easy, sandy beach where one could get to the water. Water was quite clear. Swimming mission for the day accomplished!

The place in Särkiniemi is around coordinates E 60.147102 N 24.876561. Do not assume my swimming places are always easy to visit or safe. Be aware and swim safely!



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