Sunday, May 30, 2021

Saunalahti hole


I was originally going to explore bigger caves in Nuuksio this weekend with Jarmo, but I forgot that I was dogsitting Olli's dog while they were moving. I couldn't take the dog to long hike and boulder fields, so ended up doing nice walks in the seafront during the weekend. One of those walks to go see the Saunalahti hole, a small crystallization hole in an otherwise solid ground rock.

I also recorded a 3D model of the cave, available here in GLB format and here in STL format. Or click this to rotate the model on your screen :-)

I've been here before as well, with Janne, some years ago.

Saunalahti is also a wonderful place to walk around. Just look at the forest and sea views, or the random sheep that I run into on the walk:

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