Sunday, November 29, 2020

White wall

I recently watched the new mini-series "White Wall" on YLE Areena. This is a Finnish-Swedish production. The plot is about a mine being converted to store nuclear waste... until they hit something strange.

Much recommended, I really enjoyed the series. It is freely accessible from YLE Areena (in Finland).

The series have been shot at the Finnish Pyhäsalmi mine, Europe's deepest metal mine. There's also the world's deepest-located sauna in this mine (something I'd *love* visit some day). 

See reviews and more information about the series from Wikipedia and IMDB.

See more caving stories at, and all Planetskier and Planetcaver stories at Blogspot and TGR! See also my cave map that runs the Psgeo software that has now been open sourced! This article (c) 2020 by JJari Arkko. All rights reserved. The TV series image is from YLE.

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