Friday, November 6, 2020

Laukkakoski cave


Nice cave, but I had to reverse my car out of the road that led to it. No way to turn around, and road got impassable after a while.

The coordinates to this place are N 60.448967 E 25.35678. I also had coordinates from the Suomen Luolat kirja, but they were off by some tens of meters, and it half an hour to find the right place. Approach is somewhat difficult, there's a "no through driving/private road" sign. And you may end up in someone's yard, but you can also go past the house on a rough road. But most importantly, if you drive towards the cave then you'll end up backing the 1-km road on reverse, like I did...

The cave itself is a real-cave-feeling hole at the bottom of long cliff. The cave is one meter or less high throughout. There's a four-meter wide room right at the entrance, a back exit to the right, and a long tunnel to the left. I did not crawl to the end of the tunnel, but it seemed to be about four meters long as well.

I also drew a map, the link for that is here.




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