Sunday, March 10, 2019

Small caves in Hvitträsk

I had earlier visited Hvitträsk with Janne for the rock painting there's on a cliff. Back then we had also seen a small boulder cave. This time we returned with Jarmo, flew the drone for some video, and also found a total of seven small caves, three of which may be too small to enter but the others are clearly small caves.

Jarmo also made some photo processing to reveal more of the rock paintings. Incredible results!

I drew maps of the caves, available here.

Here's the video:

Cave 1 (N 60.18569 E 24.52215), the original boulder cave:

Cave 2 (N 60.18573 E 24.52159), tiny and probably too small to enter:

Cave 3 (N 60.18590 E 24.52133), 1.7 meters long and can be entered:

Cave 4 (N 60.18519 E 24.52191), what we called the "Jukka crack" which we believe might be possible to enter but only by cavers named Jukka :-) However, a tree may prevent entering even for the Jukkas...

Cave 5 (N 60.18476 E 24.52281) is a large boulder and easily entered, could probably have two people inside as well:

Cave 6 (N 60.18284 E 24.52196) is a horizontal crack, long but low, should be possible to enter:

Finally, cave 7 (N 60.18235 E 24.52108) is a large cliff with fractured boulders, making up a roof cave and some space between the boulders:

It was an icy day:

Jarmo's pictures of the paintings:

Views were great, too:

This article has also appeared in TGR. And all caving stories can of course be found from! Photos, videos, and text (c) 2019 by Jari Arkko and Jarmo Ruuth. All rights reserved.

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