Monday, March 25, 2019

Building HEL

Building the future of HEL... yeah right. It is hellish right now, as the traffic to the airport and parking arrangements are pretty unbearable.

The airport authorities are complaining that people leave their cars on the road, blocking people to get to their flights, and that's very bad of course. But the setup with narrow passages and far away parking garages and walkways that are not maintained is also pretty bad. I think one might have been able to do this better. Why demolish P2, the main garage *and* have major works in the backup garage P4 as well? Or, at the very least, maintain the walking passages well so that people with luggage and skis can actually use their carts to get to the airport.

But yeah. This is survivable, just another first world problem... and the airport will be much better in the end. And also, I've been taking the train to the airport now some times, and unless I have luggage it works out pretty well!

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