Friday, March 15, 2019

Lidingö mountain range: Ekholmsnäsbacken

Another week, more work for me in Stockholm. But, I also got to visit another ski hill. My friend John also joined to try out Ekholmsnäsbacken in the small community in the Lidingö island.

Ekholmsnäsbacken is a bit smaller than Hammarbybacken, but seemed quite full with kids practising their skiing. And again, the hill in evening lights was quite nice. The added bonus was a view over the sea towards Stockholm.

I also learned from other friends that there's even more ski hills to try out. However, as the winter is quickly melting away and I have a long work trip coming up somewhere else, I suspect I won't be able to try them this year. However, Vasjöbacken and Brukets Skidbacke north of Stockholm and EkebyhovsbackenFlottsbro, Ragnhildsborgsbacken towards the south should be nice places to visit as well.

So at least five more ski hills to try! Everything is bigger in Sweden, including the number of small local hills near the capital region :-)

(There's also some hints about something in Farstanäs in the south, but I'm not sure there's an actual working ski hill.)

 Kids lining up on the ski lift:

Views towards Hammarbybacken:

Me and John:

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