Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adventure in Buenos Aires?

Any recommendations on what adventure to have in Buenos Aires? I have 21 hours between the end of meeting on Saturday and departure from the airport the next day.

Sadly, that is not enough time for a flight to Brazil and back so that I could ski that plastic slope near Sao Paolo, due to bad flight schedules and distances between airports. Other ideas?

I have climbing, hiking, ski, and camping gear with me. And plenty of luggage, obviously. I'm willing to drive or fly if there'd be something interesting to do.

Photo (c) 2013 by Jari Arkko


  1. Adventure in Buenos Aires? As long as it is a good adventure, it would be fine.

    Here is a bad adventure to avoid. ;)

    Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, but here is a list (I've never been to these places as I didn't spend enough time in BA).
    Montevideo? - I believed you've been.
    Iguazu falls? - 21 hours might be not enough?
    Andes? - you need a flight. Mendoza to Portillo?

  2. Oh boy. Very sorry to hear about your experience. I've been careless with the taxis here so far, will be far more careful from now on!

    1. Let's just say I let my guard down and I was real tired after the 17 hours bus ride from Las Lenas. I didn't have any issue the previous year. It was a "pirate" cab painted as a real cab waiting inline at the Retiro bus terminal. He saw me arrive with my ski bag, huge backpack, etc. The killing was the 20 rolls of film of pictures from Santiago through the pass next to Portillo, skiing in Las Penitentes, sightseeing in Mendoza and 6 days in Las Lenas. The insurance eventually reimbursed everything, but it was a real pain.