Sunday, September 22, 2013

Adventures of the Snowboard

I don't know if I should classify this as gear testing or as new angle into a previous story. I have some new footage from my Krakatau trip, and it should give you an idea of what my snowboard went through. Yes, I bought it bought used.

You'll also see what kind of treatment I gave to a brand new GoPro Hero 3 videocamera. It took the video that you see below. Amazingly, I still use the camera today. Although I occasionally keep having issues with the case; the locking mechanism is not working well. This could be due to the beating it has received. And I keep finding ash in my gear.

If you are are wondering, the snowboard weathered the trip also amazingly well. The surface is full of scratches and dents, but there are no major holes. I could probably get it serviced back to a reasonable condition.

The original Krakatau trip report is here.

The below video is best played with sound turned all the way up:

Videos and photos (c) 2013 by Jari Arkko


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