Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Peuramaa II

Peuramaa, Finland

A couple of days ago I went to Peuramaa, in Kirkkonummi, southern Finland. We often go there from the office after work, given that the place is just a few kilometers down the road. I've written about Peuramaa many times: it has what I call the playground for the skiers.

But I wanted to write about the place again, because I noticed something new.

We went in the evening. It was snowing, badly enough to make the traffic a chaos everywhere, making me arrive quite late. What strikes me about these visits is the darkness. The winter days in Finland are very short. Most of these small areas operate only in the evenings, as the skiers have school or work in daytime. Of course, the slopes are lit with powerful lights. But even in the middle of a bright ski slope you can see the darkness elsewhere. On many ski areas the lights have a yellow or orange tint. In Peuramaa some of the side ski slopes and small off piste routes are not very well lit. I think it is great. The scenery is wonderful and creates a special feeling. Very different from skiing on big mountains in bright sunshine.


The other thing was... powder. Most of the visitors in Peuramaa are focused on the jumps and other special facilities. And those facilities are mostly in one place, even though this year Peuramaa has built a new ski slope with more jumps and rails. For some reason no one else than our group seemed interested in the other slopes with fresh snow.

As is usual in Finland, the new snow cover was not too deep, maybe 10-15 centimeters. On some wind-blown place maybe to my knees. But it was fun to ski, still. And we got to ski most of it, given that everyone else stayed near the one slope with the jumps.


In the following there are a few additional low-light pictures from different ski areas:

Mt. Shasta, California

Nuuksio, Finland

Photo credits (c) 2012 by Jari Arkko

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