Sunday, February 19, 2012


Bad weather day in Hirvensalo

I dropped by the Hirvensalo ski area in Turku on Sunday, when the rest of my family was still visiting Moominworld. This is a small ski area run by the local ski club, Tusla or Turun Slalom. It is only four kilometers from the Turku city center, easily accessible by city bus. It is a typical southern Finland ski area, just 60 meters high. What is nice, however, is that there is more than one parallel slope and that all the slopes are steep enough to make turns fun.

Not a good first impression, where's the ski hill?

When I was in Hirvensalo it had been snowing heavily for the whole day. Many of the ski runs were covered with fresh snow.

Åbo Hors Piste

The forests next to the slopes offer some small off piste routes. I wish I had had more time to explore these. But I started late and then burned an hour trying to put my contact lenses on. (Even after a year of using them while skiing, I still have significant trouble putting them on or taking them off.)

In any case, there is a forest with some routes on skier's far left, above the children's slope. I did not explore this area, but I did check out the forest to the skier's left of the lift that starts near the cafeteria. This is a pretty dense forest, and has some cliffs that everyone seems to avoid. But it can be skied. The other forests seemed to have some summer mountain bike trail structures that might offer interesting twists to your off-piste experience. And as always, be careful when skiing near trees; bumping into them is a bad idea.

A view of the three main ski slopes

Important Parameters

On a weekend, one hour lift ticket costs 19€ and a day ticket 29€. The cafeteria is clean and modern, and offers fast food and packaged sandwiches. There was no soup on the menu, so the Goulash index can not be calculated. But the best thing is that the cafeteria offers Pepsi Max, my favorite after ski drink!

Pepsi Max after ski!


An excellent local hill with good services and steep runs.


Photo credits (c) 2012 by Jari Arkko

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