Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Entrance to the Cisco's

Many of my good friends work for Cisco, the networking company. But it turns out that Cisco's is also the best restaurant & after ski bar in Andorra. Cisco's Funky Bar and Restaurant is located in Arinsal, next to one of the ski lifts for Vallnord, Andorra's most challenging ski area. We were here on a weekend trip, on site less than 48 hours but still managed to ski both in Andorra, Spain, and -- accidentally -- in France. But more on those adventures later.

Cisco technology demo, hanging from the roof

It is always difficult to know beforehand where to find the best bars. Local research is more important than browsing recommendations from the Internet. Zach did the research in this case. After two interviews a pattern started to emerge, particularly when the second opinion was given by an extreme skiing competition finalist. We saw these guys do insane things on the mountain, so perhaps they have saved all their good sense for selecting the best after-ski places. We decided to start our evening with a dinner at Cisco's.

Neon sign

Sign outside

The food is tex mex, and excellent. I recommend the chicken with the secret Cisco's sauce. Afterwards you can check out the bar in the second floor. It is small, but packed and usually hosts the most interesting skiers from the slopes.

The funky bar
Chicken with Cisco's secret sauce

Important Parameters

Cisco's can be found here. Main courses are 10-20€, a full dinner with appetizers, drinks, and dessert went for about 30€. A dinner includes a free drink at the bar later. Their staff is very friendly.

The staff has the right attitude

The T-shirts were not on sale, but we got this picture.
(The waitress wanted to remain anonymous)
Cisco's entrance

Trip to Andorra

More stories will follow, including avalanche-surfing and cliff-jumping videos from the competition, revealing the best nightclub in Andorra, and off-piste route instructions for an excursion to France. Stay tuned!

I Love Cisco's

"Come in for a Stiff One!"
Cisco's after-ski

Photo credits (c) 2012 by Jari Arkko


  1. I ran across your post searching for what turned out to be unrelated keywords, but enjoyed your article and pictures along my journey. Cool stuff. I have wanted to go to Andorra - no good reason, other than a country that small just seems interesting.

  2. Up-to-date contact information for the bar can be found here: http://www.arinsal.co.uk/restaurants.php That is, their phone number is +376 836398.