Monday, December 17, 2018

Kittelberget roof cave

Kirkkonummi is a gift that keeps on giving! Near the caves that we had investigated in Kauhala there's a very interesting roof cave on the cliffs surrounding Kittelberget. We set out again to hike the area with Jarmo, and found more interesting things, again :-)

Here's the map:

A more high-resolution PDF of the map is also available here.

The cave is at coordinates N 60.23255 E 24.48078. There's also a couple of smaller roof caves at coordinates N 60.23318 E 24.48753, N 60.23207 E 24.48447, and N 60.23316 E 24.48164, though it is not clear if they should be counted as caves.

Beautiful moss:

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Kauniainen Swimming Hall

I often go to various exotic saunas and swimming pools (or holes in ice), but I have to lift up also my home town swimming hall in Kauniainen. Small, old, and not particularly fancy. But, a very nice place to put in some laps.

Also a very easy place to get to, maybe 500 meters from home by walking. Good for those days when the car is not working :-)

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Friday, December 14, 2018

What now?

What now? #Volvo

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Weather dried up, car works again

Weather dried up, car works again. In possibly unrelated news, the repair shop changed more parts (two sensors) for 290€.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Fortifications in Laajalahti

I recently blogged about a possible new cave in Laajalahti. But I didn't go there to look for a cave, I wanted to see the fortifications from before World War I, built by the Russians. I found many, including many small bunkers that one can easily visit.

The fortifications around Helsinki are the so called Krepost Sveaborg. The 10,000 men construction force was from Russia, but also partially consisted of paid Finnish labour, compulsory enlistment in Finland, and thousands of Chinese prisoners of war.

Quite interestingly, the Wikipedia article states that some of the Finns paid clerks to list them working on multiple sites simultaneously, to gather more income. The poor Chinese on the other hand were not dressed for the winter, which led to some of them attempting to escape work, as well as confrontations with the police forces.

The locations of the bunkers that I could find are:

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Visiting the patient at the car hospital

Visited the patient today at the car hospital. First operation failed, but the doctors are hopeful.

Picked also up a loaner for the meanwhile.

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Caves + glacier holes + volcano craters equals, surprisingly, danger!

I follow the Caving Podcast when it appears every month. Usually the stories are pretty local to US and Indiana, where the podcast is made. But this time the story they told was very interesting for everyone.

Everyone knows that one shouldn't go underground because it is dangerous, similarly one should never go into the holes inside a glacier because it is dangerous, volcano craters are always dangerous, and we should all stay away from places where volcanic gases are being emitted, because it is dangerous.

Christian Stenner broke all these rules -- at the same time -- in this podcast episode:
Caving Podcast Christian Stenner episode.
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