Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Vantaa is too tight

We went for a short caving trip in Vantaa... visiting our old friend Kalkkikallion ketunluola. It is still a great small cave, dark and tight. But one of the other caves, Kalkkikallion matalan katon luola (the low roof cave) was even more interesting. I had been there before, and didn't want to go through between the two entrances. Now I tried again... and still didn't want to go through. The cave gets progressively lower between two rock layers, and just before exit it is less than 20 cm... maybe someone else wants to try?

The above picture is about me trying, but I did give up.

I did generate a 3D model and a new map of the main ketunluola, however. See the PDF and the model on your browser, or download the model here

There's also a third cave in the area, the Kalkkikallion nuotiopaikan luola (fire pit cave). But as we walked around, I realized that there was even a fourth cave, one with a very large flat boulder covering an area. Lets call it the Kalkkikallion kivikatoksen luola or rock roof cave. Here's a picture

The caves are in these locations:

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