Saturday, October 2, 2021

Oberstegen saunas


Gasthof Oberstegen is in Söll, near the border between Austria and Germany. I chose as a convenient location with a decent drive up to the ski hills but also near some caves I wanted to explore. And not far from the Munich airport! Of course, there's some saunas since we are in an Austrian gasthof...

It seems like there's literally a million gasthofs in Austria. And they all seem to be in perfect order, built with high quality, and are nicely kept. The Gasthof Oberstegen is no exception, the house is nice, in a nice environment, with a very friendly and accommodating staff... and the nice saunas! There is no full spa experience, i.e., no pools, but there are two Finnish saunas and one infrared sauna. An indoor relaxation area and outdoor cooler area. 

There's also a surprise lay-in-bed room. Interesting. Not sure I'd use that, but the rest of the sauna area was spot-on for me. 

I also want to say that the price-quality ratio in Austria is extraordinary. I paid 65€ per night for a very high quality room and breakfast, saunas were free, the restaurant did a very good job with dinners in the evenings, there was local diet coke available, other guests were singing and playing guitar to schlager music ... what more can one expect? It is a bargain. Much recommended!!

For more sauna and swimming stories, check out and websites! And of course the Planetcaver, and Planetskier blogs for other stories in Blogspot and TGR! The photos and text (c) 2021 by Jari Arkko. All rights reserved. I never take photos of other saunagoers or swimmers and try to visit at times where there is simply no one else around or the facility has been booked only for me.

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