Sunday, February 14, 2021

Looking for bunkers and all we found was SHIT


We drove in two cars to south end of the Porkkala peninsula -- 50 minutes away -- to explore three bunkers there. The best map that we have of the abandoned Soviet-era bunkers comes from Lynx, the local orienteering club. Unfortunately, this time their map oversold what was to be found at the location.

What we found was actually pretty basic old-style underground cellars, constructed from pieces of granite. And a round concrete container full of water or sewage... we did not taste it to make sure which one it was. The container may even be still in use for for the farmlands.

Just because something is underground doesn't make it a bunker. And just because something was in the Soviet-held area, doesn't mean it was built by them. And even if it was built by them, it doesn't make it a military installation -- many houses, roads, basements, and probably also shit containers were also built.

Jarmo and I are marking these in our maps to make sure we don't attempt to visit them again. My map for urban exploration can be found here. Note that the location of these particular three items (basement 1, basement 2, ruins, container) have been slightly obfuscated, as there is no need for anyone to access them, being possibly private origin and ownership. The map shows an indicator when an item on the map is obfuscated.

Basement 1:

Basement 2:


Shit container:

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