Monday, October 12, 2020

Nice basement


The book Finnish Caves (Suomen Luolat) lists several caves in Perniö. I had already been in the 'Hiidenkellari' (Devil's basement), but since I needed to drive through Perniö today on my visit to Tero's summer cottage, I wanted to visit more of the caves. I chose 'Antinmäen Hohteen kellari ja paja' (The basement and workshop at the Antinmäki shine).

It took a while to find the cave, given that the coordinates in the book were not exact. And I was in a hurry. But after some criss-crossing of the cliff, I finally found an inviting, dark hole. A nice, straight tunnel with low ceiling at the beginning but higher in the end. I'm glad I stopped by.

I also draw a very rough map of the cave, here.

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