Friday, September 25, 2020

Lilla Karlsö Caving


Lilla Karlsö. A paradise for birds, enough to warrant ban on entering except during special times and only with a guide. Of course, we didn't know any of the stuff about the guide, but wanted to visit some caves. Turned out that we had to follow a guide, and that it actually was a very good idea to follow the guide. 

The island's cliffs are dangerous, and the guide was able to take us to very interesting places on the tour. E.g., during low-tide at the bottom of the cliffs:

The biggest cave is the Suder Vaghus (south trolley depot), a massive hole in the cliff walls. The cave is not that long, but it is massive! Norra Vagnhus is smaller, but kind of similar. Finally, the third cave we visited, Kuren, was small hole but with character.

Exact location of the caves is kept secret. Do sign up to the boat trip and follow your guide around the island, though! Much recommended. The boat trips are available from here (same boat goes to Lilla and Stora Karlsö).

The cliffs. 

There is also a rapakivi stone, drawn here during ice from Finland:

But back to caves. Suder Vagnhus:

And Suder Vagnhus side cave:

Norra Vagnuhus (first picture at the top and then below):



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