Saturday, August 31, 2019

Massive crack cave at Korkberget

Korkberget is probably Finland's largest cave, with 300+ meters of tight tunnels underneath massive boulders. But, there's also a cliff... and if you climb half-way up the cliff, you will find an amazing crack that leads underground.

The crack is a known but difficult geocaching location. Getting to the end of the crack and the cache means a chimney climb maybe eight meters high, on top of a gradually tightening crack. If you fall... it is not clear that you can get out.

I've been here once, first time with the Finnish Caving Association's (Luolaseura) excursion. On that excursion Paul, an experienced caver and climber helped me, the scared beginner to get down to the bottom of the crack.

This time we visited Korkberget on my Swedish friend Per's visit to Finland. In the small group with Per, Tor, Ralf, Jarmo, and me we had more time to explore this crack, and it just seems even more amazing, but still scary. I didn't want to explore to the lowest part, but some of the others did visit it.

Quite an experience. To my knowledge this is the biggest and possibly the only crack caving location in Finland. Much recommended, but only for experienced climbers and cavers!

See below for more photos, most of which are from Jarmo's camera by the way (he takes great photographs!)

Climbing in the crack:

Climbing up to the crack:

Exit from the middle of the cliff back down:

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