Sunday, February 17, 2019

Russian Sauna

What a wonderful sauna. So Finnish... or so Belarussian... or, really, Russian. The Russian sauna culture is similar to Finland's, except only more so. More hot, close to 110 degrees Celsius in my case. More snowplay. More cold water. More funny hats. Maybe also more vodka.

I rented a Russian sauna at the Silichy ski area in Belarus, near Minsk. There was a sauna room, a pool room, and relaxing room. Next to the sauna room there was a woodshed where a local lady was putting more wood into the furnace, without having to visit the sauna room. Huh, pretty hot. The temperature was hovering around 107, although when I opened the door to take a photo, it decreased to 104.

Funny hats:

The pool:

The sauna:

After-sauna drink at the restaurant:

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