Saturday, February 2, 2019


The Löyly sauna & restaurant in Helsinki has been the most notable architecture and experience thing of recent years in Helsinki. I've been there, but not yet in the sauna side. Today it changed because my co-workers organized a very nice event there for our surfing club...

There's three saunas: the smoke sauna, the large and very nice main sauna, and a private sauna. I liked the main sauna most, the private one we did not visit. I might have liked the smoke sauna but it felt a bit mellow and not smokey enough... not sure if it was because we were there late in the day, or if they're not running it in quite real mode as they've had it already burn once.

Overall grade: 10 on a scale of 4-10. One of the best places to have a sauna and sea swim in Helsinki. On par with the Kuusijärvi smoke sauna which really is the real thing :-) and the Allas Seapool which is best for swimming.

Tickets are 19.50€ for a visit to the sauna. Book early... this is a very popular place!

Photos (c) 2019 by Jari Arkko and G. Camarillo. All rights reserved.

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