Sunday, July 8, 2018


While at the caver's camp, I felt like I needed a shower... and a sauna. Solbergabadet in Visby to the rescue!

This nice community swimming hall is practically empty during the summer, but offers a 25-meter pool, jumping tower, and good saunas. The saunas are exactly the right temperature, which is a bit surprising for a community saunas and maybe also more generally many saunas in Sweden. But the sauna was decently hot but not too hot. Very nice!

I visited Solbergabadet a couple of times during the week, on almost all days. On one day though I had shower in the camp, using my shower bag that was hanging from a tree, warmed up water during the day. That was nice, too.

It was also fun to watch Ralf (who came with me one day) to swim backwards for cave diving practice. I need to try backwards swimming next time.

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