Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Darn Volcanoes!

That moment when you realise that the ski area you wanted to visit next week is closed due to volcanic eruption taking out the road.

The Villarica ski area is closed this season, due to the March 2015 eruption on Villarica. Maybe it is best to not try to ski there, given that the eruption is still going on this month.

Darn. Well, fortunately there are some other ski areas, as well as ski areas on volcanoes in Chile. I am trying to book a trip to Chile for some summer skiing, having so far mostly worked all through the summer. My biggest meetings are now over for a while, so hoping that I can find some snow with my friend Tero. And still find some flight tickets.

Photo credits DailyMail (Reuters) and Powderquest.

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